Actor Jo Hyun Jae Announces Upcoming Marriage

Jo Hyun Jae is getting married!

On March 18, the actor wrote a post on his fan cafe about his plans to to marry his girlfriend of five years.

The statement is as follows:

“Dear fans, hello. This is Jo Hyun Jae. It’s been a while. A cold winter has passed and warm spring has come. Thanks to all of you, I’ve been happy and endured difficulties to make it here. I’m always thankful for your love.

“Today, I want to make a personal announcement to you. Like how all of you have stood by me, gave me strength, and cheered me on like family, I have also gotten to know and love someone for the past five years. I wanted you to be one of the first ones to know that we are now preparing to get married.

“Since it was a personal matter and my soon-to-be life partner is not a celebrity, I wanted to protect her privacy and ask for your understanding on this belated announcement. Like the time I’ve spent building up trust and love with you, I’m planning to start a family. I’ll think of it as a new start to my life and do my best as a man of this family and an actor.

“To my fans who have always been my light and happiness, I ask for your continued support. There are still many goals I want to achieve as an actor in the future. I will try my best in the days ahead with good promotions to repay you for your support. I also want us to continue together in the future.

“My precious fans. I love you. Thank you. I hope you’ll be happy!”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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