Wanna One Apologizes Following Controversy About Comments Made Before Broadcast

Wanna One and YMC Entertainment have issued statements following a controversy surrounding comments made by some of the group members.

Wanna One took part in a live broadcast on Mnet’s website on March 19 to celebrate their comeback. A video of the members preparing before the broadcast has been circulated online, with a controversy formed over some of the comments made by members when they were unaware they were being filmed.

In the video of the group preparing before the show, some members joked about interview questions for the broadcast as they said, “Why can’t we receive payment?” “Why do we only receive 20 percent?” and “Why can’t we sleep?” Some members were also heard swearing, announcing their phone number, and saying a license plate number before telling the owner to stop coming in front of their house.

Wanna One has posted the following apology to fans through their fan cafe:

“Hello. This is Wanna One.

“We are sorry and are writing to apologize directly to our fans who love and support us.

“We are sorry for showing a poor appearance to our fans before the live broadcast today and disappointing you. We are reflecting deeply and we will try to always be careful and modest about all of our actions, as well as mature.

“We’ll work hard so we can show you a better image while always thinking of the undeserved love that you give us.

“Once again, we are sincerely sorry to everyone for causing disappointment and concern.

“From Wanna One.”

YMC Entertainment has also issued a statement following the controversy. They wrote, “Hello. This is YMC Entertainment.

“We deeply apologize for the fact that an unfortunate incident occurred during the preparations for the Star Live broadcast today.

“We are sorry for causing concern to the fans who have been loving and supporting Wanna One ahead of their comeback. We also think it is a shame that currently, even words that were not used in the videos that are circulating are being magnified and reproduced.

“We will pay close attention so that similar incidents do not occur in the future.

“We ask for your interest and love so that the Wanna One members can follow their dreams.”

A source from Mnet has confirmed with a news outlet that the video was broadcast in error.

Wanna One made a comeback on March 19 with their new mini album “0+1=1 (I PROMISE YOU),” featuring the title track “Boomerang.”

Updated March 19 KST:

Mnet’s Star Live service has also apologized following the controversy. They stated, “Hello, this is Star Live.

“In regards to the broadcast today, we deeply apologize to Wanna One, all the fans who cherish Wanna One, and everyone involved.

“We will make corrections and improve the service so that this does not happen in the future.

“We once again deeply apologize to Wanna One, Wanna One’s fans, and everyone involved.

“We apologize.”

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