Han Hye Jin Tries To Pinpoint When Her Feelings For Jun Hyun Moo Changed

On March 19, the regular cast and producing director Hwang Ji Young of MBC’s “I Live Alone” held a press conference in honor of the show’s fifth anniversary.

During the event, Han Hye Jin described her initial feelings for Jun Hyun Moo while explaining how the episode where she hiked Mt. Gwanak with Jun Hyun Moo was one of the most memorable for her.

The model commented, “At the time, Jun Hyun Moo and I were nothing more or less than colleagues earning money together. We were just family members filming something together, but I watched that video again after I started dating Jun Hyun Moo. I think that I felt a little something at that time.”

Han Hye Jin added, “The way I acted towards Jun Hyun Moo wasn’t that much different to how I acted towards the other male cast members, but I wasn’t able to fool myself. I think I did have feelings [for him] back then as well.”

Jun Hyun Moo also revealed which episode was the most memorable to him, and chose the one that was filmed last-minute after news of the couple’s relationship. “I think it’s a recording that I will remember the most for the rest of my life,” he explained. He also discussed how a future break-up would affect the show if it were to ever happen.

Check out the latest episode of “I Live Alone” below!

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