Sunmi Shares Her Thoughts On The Secret To Her Popularity

Sunmi recently participated in a pictorial for 1st Look, where she offered some insight on maintaining her popularity.

In the accompanying interview, Sunmi shared, “There are people who became my fan following my solo activities, but there are also people who have been my fans since my debut to now. Their expressions have been constant for the past decade. Through their facial expressions and gazes, I can see how they’ve liked and supported me in a steadfast manner. It’s so fascinating. The fateful relationship with fans. I want to do at least something for them. While thinking that, I realized, ‘Ah, I must be steadfast too.’ I resolved that I must be an unchanging person for my fans.”

Sunmi continued on to discuss the longevity of her popularity. She remarked, “Do what you really like, and don’t worry too much or have a lot of fear over the results. Let it down. Just let it all down. I don’t have great desire or greed for popularity, and just want to be remembered as Sunmi through my name, performances, and music for a long time. I want to become a person that can leave her warmth and presence for a long time, rather than something that explodes with a loud bang.”

The pictorial showcases Sunmi’s charms as she poses in a variety of outfits around Rome. Check out the rest of the photos from Sunmi’s pictorial below!

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