MYNAME's Chaejin Becomes Victim Of Imposter Scam

MYNAME’s Chaejin has gotten involved in an unfortunate situation.

On March 20, Chaejin posted a screenshot of the conversation that his aunt had with a scammer, whose name was written as Chaejin’s birth name Chae Jin Suk.

The scammer began, “Aunt, are you busy?”

She responded, “Jin Suk!!! Is something up?” and he replied, “Yes… Aunt, I apologize but I am messaging you because I have something to ask of you…”

She asked what it is, and he said, “I have money to transfer urgently, but my public key certificate suddenly isn’t working, so I’m not able to transfer…. If you have 960,000 won (approximately $893) available, could you transfer it for me? I will pay you back by 3 p.m.”

In Korea, a public key certificate is usually required to verify identity when sending or paying money.

Chaejin explained through his caption, “Recently, someone impersonated me and requested for my family members to send money through a new fraud method using a messaging service. The person stole my profile photo, and one of my family members actually did send the money. That account was a virtual payment account, and the amount was 960,000 won. I hope that people reading this will be careful. Thank you.”

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