Update: Yang Hyun Suk Hints At BLACKPINK’s Comeback Date

Updated March 28 KST:

Yang Hyun Suk has given another update on BLACKPINK’s comeback!

In an Instagram post on March 28, he posted an image of BIGBANG and iKON’s strength on music charts.

Along with the screenshot, he wrote, “April is for WINNER,” and, “May will be for BLACKPINK,” revealing that BLACKPINK’s much-anticipated comeback is being scheduled for May.

Original Article:

Yang Hyun Suk has updated fans on the status of BLACKPINK’s comeback preparations!

On March 21, Yang Hyun Suk wrote on his personal Instagram that BLACKPINK is the third YG artist to make a comeback this year. The group finally finished recording their new music, and they are beginning the countdown to their next comeback.

The first two YG artists with comebacks this year were iKON and WINNER. iKON recently returned with their second studio album, and WINNER will be releasing their own second album on April 4.

Stay tuned for more updates on BLACKPINK’s comeback!