R&B Group Solid Explains Their 21-Year Break Before Comeback

On March 21, R&B group Solid held a showcase for their new album “Into the Light.”

It has been 21 years since Solid last released an album, which was in 1997. The long-awaited album includes new interpretations of the group’s old songs as well as brand new tracks.

During the showcase, members of Solid shared honest stories about the long break they had. Kim Jo Han began, “I think we worked without getting prepared beforehand. We really lived in the recording room because there weren’t computers like nowadays. We lived too busily for four years, working and so on. We each had things we wanted to do.”

He continued to explain that the 21-year break was partly because they wanted a little rest. “We wanted to refresh. I also wanted to improve myself as an artist. What we thought would be a bit of rest became 21 years,” he said.

Lee Joon revealed that he went to the United States to keep his promise with his parents to graduate from his university. Time flew by as he married, had children, and settled there.

Jung Jae Yoon, who has been working as a producer, said, “I’ve been doing music all along. Solid didn’t meet because of auditions, we grew up together as young children.” He also added that the long break was unintentional, explaining that they had planned to get together when they had a chance but it took them longer than they expected.

Solid gained huge popularity from 1993 to 1997 during which they released four studio albums. Their hit tracks include “Holding onto the End of the Night,” “My Only Friend,” “You Were My First and My Last,” and “Soul Mates.”

The group will release their new album “Into the Light” on March 22 and hold concerts on May 19 and 20 in Seoul.

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