CJ And YMC Respond To Yuk Ji Dam’s Post And Request For Apology

CJ E&M and YMC Entertainment have officially responded to rapper Yuk Ji Dam’s post and request for an apology.

A source from CJ E&M said, “Last fall we mutually agreed with Yuk Ji Dam to terminate her contract. The company has not been in touch with her since then. We are not sure what [Yuk Ji Dam] wants an apology for.”

YMC Entertainment said, “The agency has not been in touch with Yuk Ji Dam, so we don’t know what kind of apology to make. We will do our best to make sure that our artists do not get hurt and harmed.”

Earlier today, Yuk Ji Dam wrote a blog post about encountering scary situations and asking CJ E&M and YMC to apologize.

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