Update: Oh My Girl Drops More Concept Photos For

Updated April 2 KST: 

Oh My Girl has dropped some more concept photos for their comeback “Banana Allergy Monkey!”

Unlike their previous photos, which featured a cute concept with monkey ears, the girls are going for a more mysterious, but still jungle-themed, vibe.

“Banhana Pop-up Album” is due out later today on April 2.

Updated April 1 KST:

Oh My Girl has released a new concept teaser for their upcoming comeback with “Banana Allergy Monkey”!

The new clip features a loop of Binnie looking surprised as she transforms into an adorable monkey. Check it out below!

Updated March 31 KST:

Oh My Girl has shared an MV teaser for their return with “Banana Allergy Monkey”! The teaser features the members in a life simulation game. Check it out below!

Updated March 30 KST:

Oh My Girl has released two new teasers for their pop-up album!

In addition to sharing a picture of the members playing tug-of-war with a monkey, the group also revealed a performance teaser with dance moves from their song “Banana Allergy Monkey.” However, they let fans know that five of the moves aren’t part of the choreography, asking them to guess which moves those would be.

Updated March 29 KST:

Oh My Girl’s preview for their new pop-up album “Banana Allergy Monkey” has now been released!

Take a listen to clips of their songs below.

Updated March 28 KST:

Oh My Girl has released a track list and lyrics teasers for their return!

Updated March 27 KST:

Oh My Girl has shared another look at their return with “Banana Allergy Monkey,” featuring the members splitting into their two units — the monkeys with banana allergies and without!

Updated March 26 KST:

Oh My Girl has released fun individual teaser images for their upcoming comeback!

The new photos show each of the seven members looking adorable while sporting monkey ears and tails. Check them out below!

Updated March 25 KST:

Oh My Girl has revealed another look at their return!

In addition to sharing an image that looks like it could be a poster for a game, they also shared some more details about their “Oh My Girl Banhana Pop-Up Album” through an instructions booklet.

The booklet explains that all the members are taking part in their “Oh My Girl Banhana Pop-Up Album” entitled “Banana Allergy Monkey.” However, the group will be in two units: Hyojung, Binnie, and Arin (as the monkeys with a banana allergy) and Mimi, YooA, Seunghee, and Jiho (as monkeys without a banana allergy).

The “Banana Allergy Monkey” game that’s part of their album concept is set in a a forest village in Waikiki, where the Oh My Girl Banhana monkeys who can’t eat bananas arrive to go on an adventure to get banana milk from a cave. The Waikiki monkeys without the banana allergy are initially uncertain about the new arrivals, but they warm up to them as they fall for their charms.

There will be four tracks on the album, with one of the tracks being a solo song by Seunghee.

Updated March 24 KST:

Oh My Girl has given fans another peek at their comeback concept!

The group released a pop-up album concept teaser for their return with “Banhana,” featuring a fun retro game concept! Check it out below.

Updated March 23 KST:

Oh My Girl has shown a new glimpse of their comeback concept!

On March 23 at midnight KST, the group revealed a teaser photo of the members dressed in matching overalls, while wearing monkey ears and tails.

Original Article: 

Oh My Girl has released a new teaser photo!

The group previously announced that they’re gearing up for a comeback in April with a unique concept.

On March 22 at midnight KST, Oh My Girl revealed a teaser including bananas and monkeys, with the caption on Twitter saying, “Press Start.” The teaser also includes the text “Banhana,” which in addition to sounding like “banana,” can also be translated as “Are You Falling in Love?”

Oh My Girl most recently made a comeback in January with “Secret Garden,” which earned them their first ever music show wins.

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