NCT 127 Reveals That Jaehyun Has The Highest Alcohol Tolerance

On March 22, NCT 127 made a guest appearance on the radio program “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show.”

During the show, a DJ asked the group which member is the best at drinking, to which the members selected Jaehyun.

Jaehyun explained, “Our members aren’t very good at drinking, but I would probably be the best out of us.” When asked how much he can drink, Jaehyun responded, “We have not really measured, but I have never lost my memory.”

The DJ asked the most that Jaehyun has ever had. Taeil commented, “I think about four bottles [of soju],” which Jaehyun denied and said, “That’s too far.” Taeil corrected himself to say three bottles.

Mark also shared that he drank for the first time with his members while rehearsing for his appearance on “Life Bar.” Doyoung revealed, “The manager tested him with seven shots [of soju], and he made it through.”

Haechan, who is the only NCT 127 member not old to drink, was asked if he is jealous. He replied, “I just want to enjoy being a minor for now.”

Meanwhile, NCT 127 recently made a comeback with “Touch” and has been promoting actively on music shows.

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