EXID’s Solji Tells Fans What She’s Been Up To And Shares Hopes For The Future

On March 22, EXID’s Solji held a live broadcast in a radio format on Naver’s V Live, and caught fans up on what she’s been doing.

Solji has been sitting out on promotions after she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. She is currently recovering after undergoing orbital decompression surgery.

The EXID member began talking about her continued pursuits in the field of music when a fan asked her what her dream was.

Solji answered, “My dream was to become a singer, so I’m going to work hard to become a better singer.” She added, “Recently, I went back to school and am studying again. I wanted to learn more about things related to music, so I’m in the process of learning and it’s fun.”

She continued, “It’s already been over a year since I’ve danced. I don’t know if I can do it, but I’ll start to get ready so that EXID can return from a four-member group to a complete five-member EXID.”

Solji also read a story submitted by a fan and commented, “People need to live while doing what they want to do.” She added, “Later, if I get the chance, I want to go on a trip with our fans LEGGOs. I want to take photos together and feel healing.”

She also made a cute mistake on air by accidentally ending the broadcast. When she returned, she apologized and added, “I thought I got a lot better at this, but I guess not,” and thanked her fans when they showed their support for her.

“As expected, LEGGOs are on my side,” said Solji.

While Soji continues her recovery, EXID has been releasing teasers for their upcoming single, which will be released on April 2.

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