Forensic Lab Releases Results Of Analysis Of Wanna One’s Controversial Video

An analysis of the audio in Wanna One’s recent live video has addressed some of the allegations against the groups’ members in the controversy.

On Wanna One’s comeback day of March 19, the group was surrounded by controversy when a video was released that showed them making comments while unaware they were being filmed. The video was taken while they were preparing for a live broadcast on Mnet’s Star Live service.

As much of the audio in the video was not clear, there have been differing interpretations of what was said. It has been claimed by some that Ha Sung Woon had made comments such as “I’d better swear in advance” and then swore several times. Members including Ha Sung Woon were also accused of using a slang term for a sexual act.

Due to the controversy, fans requested an analysis of the audio from a laboratory called the Digital Forensic Laboratory (CSI: Law), which specializes in analyzing digital material. A summary of the results of the analysis was shared on March 22.

The results say that rather than “I’d better swear in advance,” the comment made in the video was actually the similar-sounding “I’d better do it like this in advance.” The faces of the members speaking are largely not shown in the video, which has led to some disagreement over who made this comment. A comparison with other audio files by the laboratory led to the conclusion that this was Ha Sung Woon’s voice.

The report states that the sounds that follow this statement, which were allegedly swear words, were judged to actually be background sounds made by machinery.

In addition, it states that the comment that was alleged to be a sexual term was actually the phrase “Answer me.” While Ha Sung Woon was accused by some of stating this, it was concluded in the analysis that this was not his voice.

Ha Sung Woon’s fans have stated that they are currently in the process of filing a report of cyber defamation, and will be using the results as evidence.

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