BTOB’s Yook Sungjae Talks About Learning To Trust Himself More And His Goals As A Singer

In a recent pictorial and interview with Grazia, BTOB’s Yook Sungjae opened up about working on “Master in the House” and his hopes to release a self-composition this year.

The photo shoot was conducted under the theme “A Day in Yook Sungjae’s Life” and in the accompanying interview, he spoke about his future plans as a member of BTOB and as an actor. He also spoke about appearing on SBS’s variety show “Master in the House” and how much he is growing from meeting industry veterans like Choi Bool Am, Jeon In Kwon, and Yoon Yeo Jung. He explained, “It’s been a great honor to have the opportunity to meet them, because it’s not easy to do so. I’m learning a lot from spending time by their sides. I feel like I’m also maturing in the way I respect my elders and in my overall manners.”

When asked to pick his most memorable guest, Yook Sungjae picked Jeon In Kwon and said the veteran singer helped him learn to trust himself more. He shared, “His advice of ‘As long as you’re just doing what you need to do, your time will come,’ still rings deeply in my heart. He helped me realize that I don’t need to feel anxious or rushed when things aren’t going the way I hoped. It’s something I keep reminding myself of and it helps center me.”

Yook Sungjae also shared his goals as a singer, sharing that he hopes to release a self-composition this year. He said, “I’ve been working really hard on composing new music these days. I’d like to release something I’ve composed this year, even if it’s just one song and not a whole album. I would like that opportunity to show people, ‘This is the kind of music I want to write and this is the kind of music I want to do.'”

Yook Sungjae’s full photo spread and interview are available in the April issue of Grazia.

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