Kim Ji Hoon Promises To Cover BTS’s “DNA” For Ratings Promise

On March 23, upcoming MBC weekend drama “The Rich Son” held a press conference ahead of its first broadcast. Actors Kim Ji Hoon, Kim Joo Hyun, Lee Kyu Han, Hong Soo Hyun, Lee Chang Yeob, Kim Min Kyu, and Yang Hye Ji were in attendance.

When asked about making a ratings promise, Hong Soo Hyun revealed, “Kim Ji Hoon said he would cover a BTS dance and Kim Min Kyu will sing.”

Kim Ji Hoon explained, “People who remembered me covering an EXO dance requested this. If ratings surpass 40 percent I will cover a BTS dance. I think ‘DNA’ would be good.”

He continued,”In the past I rashly made an impromptu ratings promise and I ended up covering EXO’s dance. In case it is fulfilled this time I will practice whenever I have time outside of filming. I will lower it to 30 percent. If ratings surpasses [30 percent] I will happily fulfill the promise.”

“The Rich Son” is about a rich son (Kim Ji Hoon) who works hard to repay an extremely large amount of debt he inherited in order to restore his father’s reputation. The first episode will air on March 25. You can watch it on Viki!

Check out the trailer for his drama below!

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