Park Seo Joon Shows How He Learned How To Cook Like A Pro For “Youn’s Kitchen 2”

The March 23 episode of “Youn’s Kitchen 2” featured a look back at unaired clips from the cast’s experience in Spain!

The “Youn’s Kitchen 2” stars reunited in Korea after their restaurant experience abroad in this final episode of the show. As they reminisced about their time together and caught up with each other, viewers got to see some additional footage from when they operated their restaurant in Garachico, a town on the Spanish island of Tenerife.

Part of the episode included unaired footage of Park Seo Joon making pasta for Jung Yoo Mi when they were alone at the restaurant, which she said was delicious although really spicy.

In addition, it shared how four months before the cast left for Spain, they received cooking lessons from celebrity chefs Hong Suk Chun and Lee Won Il.

Park Seo Joon diligently took notes on his phone during the lesson, before trying the recipes himself, to much praise from the chefs. He particularly learned how to toss ingredients in a pan while cooking.

“Youn’s Kitchen 2” also showed Park Seo Joon at home in his kitchen, practicing the skill before the trip. He carefully cut up the vegetables and fried them, getting the hang of how to toss them in the pan without spilling. He also gave his mom a taste of his creation off camera.

The show then highlighted how he put the skill to good use in Spain, tossing the ingredients like a veteran in the kitchen! He was a bit hesitant to toss a kimchi pancake as he hadn’t tried it before, but he managed in one go, really impressing Jung Yoo Mi.

“Youn’s Kitchen 2” also showed in the premiere episode how Park Seo Joon prepared for his experience in Spain by studying Spanish so he could communicate with the locals.

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