Moon Ga Young Receives Praise For Her Acting In “Tempted”

Moon Ga Young is receiving favorable reviews for her acting in MBC’s drama “Tempted”!

The actress plays Choi Soo Ji, a beautiful but cunning girl harboring jealousy and pain in her heart. Despite how glamorous she is, she is also wounded, and many viewers are praising how Moon Ga Young brings out those two contrasting characteristics in a realistic way.

During the drama press conference, she stated, “This is an opportunity that came to me in a difficult way after a long time, so I really want to do well.”

It is also said that Moon Ga Young is aiming to gain the love of female viewers more than anyone else. In order to portray a character who has both intelligence and beauty, she puts a lot of effort into not only her acting, but also her style. She pays attention to her hair, make-up, and clothes. She also learned the cello before filming started in order to portray her character more realistically.

It seems that these efforts and her hard work have paid off, as Moon Ga Young has been praised for her performance so far in the drama.

What do you think of Moon Ga Young’s acting in the drama?

Check out the latest episode of “Tempted” below!

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