Lee Seung Gi Talks About Viewers’ Reaction To His Bedroom Scene In “Hwayugi”

Lee Seung Gi has shared his thoughts on viewers’ reactions to his bedroom scene in the tvN drama “Hwayugi.”

In a recent interview with news outlet Sports World, the actor said that he felt audiences weren’t ready to see him deviate too far from his innocuous, family-friendly image. “I don’t think they want to see me do anything too intense,” he remarked.

He went on to explain, “I had a bedroom scene in the drama ‘Hwayugi,’ which ended recently. Of course, the set-up of the scene was rather provocative, but it seemed as though viewers weren’t prepared to fully accept [me in that kind of scene].”

However, Lee Seung Gi added that he was grateful for his positive, likable image.

“I’m nothing but thankful,” he said. “Trust isn’t something that money can buy. Hearing that people look forward to my work and take an interest in me gives me both pressure and a great deal of encouragement.”

Would you prefer to see Lee Seung Gi tackle new types of roles or stick to his current image? Leave your thoughts below!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the first episode of “Hwayugi” here:

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