GOT7 Says They’re More Popular Abroad Than In Korea

The GOT7 members recently sat down for an interview, where they talked about their goals and their global popularity.

GOT7 recently made a very successful comeback with their new mini album “Eyes on You” and their new title track “Look.” The members shared that their goal for this track and promotions was to let their name be known to more people. On their group’s unique color, GOT7 explained, “We think that because we’re sort of freewheeling, we have a lot of energy. We’ve tried lots of different concepts, but enjoying ourselves on stage is the best. We want to continue to have fun in the future. We’re pursuing a bright and cool energy.”

GOT7 debuted in 2014 and was the first boy group created by JYP Entertainment after 2PM. The group first grabbed the world’s attention with their acrobatic performances. Though the group was often compared to 2PM, GOT7 was able to quickly gain a wide international fanbase with skilled foreign members like Jackson, BamBam, and Mark.

The group shared, “Objectively speaking, we’ve been getting a lot more praise abroad than in Korea. When we go to the home countries of our foreign members, we get a lot more popular. We think it’s because we have a lot of foreign members and so we’re able to communicate with the fans well.” The group laughed and stated, “Thankfully, our fans tend to like the group as a whole rather than our individual members.”

They explained, “We still have a lot of ambition to go higher. Our results right now are still lacking. There are times when we make mistakes on stage, but we have confidence in our skills. We’re just regretful in terms of results and popularity, so we’re going to go higher. We’re happy that we still can go higher.”

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