Watch: MOMOLAND Performs TVXQ’s “Balloons” + Covers H.O.T.’s “Warrior’s Descendant” On “Immortal Songs 2”

The March 24 episode of KBS’s “Immortal Songs 2” featured trending girl group MOMOLAND as guests.

For their appearance, MOMOLAND performed TVXQ’s “Balloons.” The energetic performance was true to MOMOLAND’s style with fun dance breaks throughout the song, where the members showed off some powerful dance moves. MOMOLAND even had yellow balloons on stage at the end to finish their performance.

Watch MOMOLAND’s take on “Balloons” below!

During the episode, MOMOLAND also got the opportunity to show a cover another K-Pop classic, H.O.T.’s “Warrior’s Descendant.” After the panel introduced MOMOLAND, Moon Hee Jun asked the members what they had prepared to show, to which the members enthusiastically replied, “H.O.T.’s ‘Warrior’s Descendant.'” Jane revealed that the song is actually her caller ring on her phone.

Nancy, JooE, and Daisy then perform a short cover of the dance to H.O.T.’s “Warrior’s Descendant,” impressing the rest of the panel. Following the encouragement of the panel, Moon Hee Jun joins Nancy and the two dance to the H.O.T. song.

Finally, JooE shows a funny dance without any music, causing the rest of the panel to laugh.

Watch MOMOLAND dance to H.O.T.’s “Warrior’s Descendant” below!

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