Xiumin Gives Hints About EXO-CBX’s Korean Comeback Date Through Riddles And A Sweet Message

Time for EXO-Ls to put their detective hats on again!

Exactly at midnight KST on March 26, the singer surprised fans through the group’s fan board and left a pair of riddles for them to solve.

After greeting fans, Xiumin explained that he just wanted to express his gratitude and emphasized the post was not to celebrate his own birthday, which falls on March 26.

He continued, “Soon, the flower-blooming spring will warmly come. Everyone! This year there will be some fellows who will come find you with the coming of spring. What am I talking about, you ask? I won’t say~ Please see for yourself!

“EXO-Ls, what is your favorite day of the week? Is this too childish of a question? Truthfully, I asked because I want to make everyone happy and like every single day of the week. Because EXO-Ls’ happiness is also ours.

“That’s why, a day when flowers bloom, a day that’s good for a date! I am planning on appearing in front of you all. Then, our EXO-Ls’ faces will probably blossom with smiles as well, right?! So, while keeping that day in mind… I will leave clues and… Goodbye!”

With his message, Xiumin included two riddles that seem to reveal the date of EXO-CBX’s confirmed April comeback.

His riddles are:

“#1. Difficulty Level 99


#2. Difficulty Level 326

(CH) (XIU-MIN) (EN) (XIU-1) (B) (MIN+1)


Fans have speculated that the answers to the riddles are “Coming Soon EXO-CBX” and “2018/04/10,” suggesting that the unit will be making their Korean comeback on April 10.

Meanwhile, EXO-CBX is also set to release their first full-length Japanese album titled “Magic” on May 9, and will embark on their Japanese concert tour, “Magical Circus” on May 11.

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