SEVENTEEN’s BSS Go All Out In Energetic Choreography Video For “Just Do It”

SEVENTEEN’s new unit BSS (BooSeokSoon) has released an amusing choreography video for “Just Do It“!

The new video offers a full view of the lively choreography for BSS’s jaunty debut track “Just Do It.” Members Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi give the song everything they’ve got, chanting and cheering out loud as they dance to the music.

Towards the end of the song, they even throw in a fun ad-lib for the video’s viewers, shouting, “Everyone who’s watching this video! Are you still hesitating? You want to dance along with us, don’t you?”

The video also starts off with a cute skit in which the three members introduce themselves as rookies and pretend to flub their lines out of nervousness. The clip ends with an outtake of the scene, in which they all crack up as Seungkwan tells Hoshi, “Your acting was too obvious!” Hoshi responds by suggesting, “Let’s add this to the end of the video as a blooper!”

Check out the video below!