MONSTA X Shares Their Hopes And Goals For Their Comeback And Future

With their comeback approaching, MONSTA X talked about their goals for their sixth mini album “THE CONNECT” as well as hopes for their future.

Last November, MONSTA X earned their first win with “Dramarama.” Leader Shownu commented, “I’m looking forward to [our new album] as there was a good reaction to our last album.” Minhyuk said, “I think we’ll be able to accept any results with happiness if we just empty our minds.” Kihyun added, “I wanted to empty my mind, but after winning first place once, I hope to [win] again.”

With MONSTA X’s third anniversary coming up soon, Shownu said, “I am proud that I worked hard with the hope of steady success. The thing I regret is some of my passive behavior on stage and in variety shows.” Jooheon wished, “I want to continue with my strong energy and warm sincerity.”

MONSTA X’s special goal for this album is to maintain their health because Wonho and Jooheon previously injured themselves during the promotions for their last album. Wonho shared, “All of the members are healthy right now. Everyone is wearing knee pads when they practice for possible injuries.”

“THE CONNECT” will be released on March 26.

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