IN2IT’s Jinsub Leaves Group Due To Health Concerns

It has been announced that Jinsub will be leaving IN2IT.

On March 26, the group’s agency MMO Entertainment announced the news through social media.

The statement begins, “We would first like to express our deep gratitude to IN2U for having given IN2IT lots of support for the past six months. IN2IT is currently preparing for their comeback, and they are putting in much devotion and effort to give back to your support with better music and performances.”

“However, we are informing you that it has unfortunately become difficult for member Kim Jinsub to be a part of IN2IT due to Meniere’s disease, which he has been suffering from for a long time. Kim Jin Sub is such a precious member of IN2IT, but we have come to the conclusion that his health is the top priority.”

“He will unfortunately be unable to continue with IN2IT, but please give your warm support for Kim Jinsub’s recovery. Thank you,” the statement concludes.

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