Cast Of “Misty” Shares Their Thoughts On Drama Coming To An End

The JTBC drama “Misty” recently came to an end on March 24 with a new personal viewership ratings record of 8.452 percent.

Kim Nam Joo, for whom “Misty” was her first drama in six years, said, “This was a project I will never forget for as long as I live, and I was able to gain strength through the love that the viewers showed us. I will always remember the past five months that I lived as Go Hye Ran.”

Ji Jin Hee, who shocked audiences with the revelations surrounding his character, said, “I was happy and grateful to be able to work on such an amazing project like ‘Misty.’ I was moved by the cast and crew on set, who respected each other and focused on the work.”

Jeon Hye Jin said, “I will miss the set of ‘Misty.’ All of the crew worked really hard and I am already starting to miss them. Thank you to the viewers for their love.”

Im Tae Kyung, who tried his hand at dramas for the first time through “Misty,” said, “The production staff went through a lot, and the extras and supporting cast especially worked hard through the cold weather. I applaud them.”

Go Joon said, “I am happy and grateful to those who showed ‘Misty’ their support and interest. Thank you for loving the character Kevin Lee. I will return with an even better performance and character next time.”

Jin Ki Joo said, “I am grateful that ‘Misty’ received so much love. When we realized that, we were able to gain the strength to do better and focus harder. This was a never-to-be-forgotten project that will remain in my memories for a long time. I hope that it will be a drama that lingers on in the viewers’ minds as well.”

The chief producer (CP) of “Misty” concluded by saying, “Thank you for the love. I am thinking of it as an incentive to put in more effort. ‘Misty’ had good results because of good writers, good direction, and good acting. Kim Nam Joo carried this drama through, and I think many people came to understand why she was so good. She is someone who knows exactly the weight her name carries. There was no one else who could play the role of Go Hye Ran.”

“Misty” told the story of a popular anchorwoman (Kim Nam Joo) who becomes the suspect in a murder case and has to be defended by her estranged lawyer husband (Ji Jin Hee).

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