B.A.P Talks About Spending 6 Years Together And Their Goals For The Future

Boy group B.A.P recently shot a pictorial and interview for The Star magazine’s April issue.

When asked about their 6th debut anniversary this year, leader Bang Yong Guk said, “I want to say that I’m grateful and deeply respect the fans and members who stayed with us for so long. Personally, I’ve gone through a lot and become more mature as a human being. There has been time enough for me to reflect on who I was.”

He added, “The time we spent together in our twenties is like springtime. The spring of B.A.P is still in progress.”

Bang Yong Guk will soon celebrate his last birthday of his twenties (according to Korean age). He said, “In 2018, my goal was to reduce the amount of work I was doing, but I think I will be working on my birthday. For my birthday present, I’d like to say something to myself. ‘You worked hard, it’s okay to stop.'”

Youngjae said, “For a start, I want to try appearing on a lot of variety shows. I want to let more people know who I am and show off what I can do.” About their new album in Japan, he added, “We got a lot of love from fans, and we made it from songs we love. It’s already our third studio album but it’s all thanks to the fans that we were able to release it.”

When asked about his fashion sense, Jongup said, “I like dressing up. There is a wide breadth of things I can show on stage, so I’m always enjoying it. I want to try various styles. If I had to pick, I’d like a concept where we can just let loose and go crazy.”

The rest of the interview and photoshoot with Daehyun, Himchan, and Zelo can be found in the full issue of The Star.

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