MONSTA X Talks About Showing Respect For Their Fans

On March 26, the boy group MONSTA X sat down for an interview to promote their sixth mini album “The Connect.”

During the interview, they were asked about the impression they made during their fan meeting in Singapore, when the group requested chairs for fans during their group photo onstage so that the fans wouldn’t have to kneel on the floor.

Wonho said, “Our fans are not just consumers. We are able to exist because we have our fans. This is something that we knew for certain since our debut. It’s so obvious to us, but people made a bigger deal of it than we expected.”

I.M said, “We were taken aback by how much unexpected interest people showed in that incident. From the beginning of our debut, we tried to get chairs for our fans during signings, and wanted to make it so that they didn’t experience any disadvantage or unfair treatment. Since we’ve done that from the start, I think it’s just luck that that story came into the spotlight.”

MONSTA X released their album “The Connect: Deja Vu” and title track “Jealousy” on March 26.

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