Se7en’s Agency To Take Legal Action Against Rumors Of Solicitation

On March 26, Se7en’s representatives issued an official statement saying that he would be taking legal action against rumors surrounding him.

His agency ELEVEN9 Entertainment said, “Once again, we clearly state that rumors about our artist engaging in solicitation are false.” Solicitation can refer to either the buying or selling of prostitution services and is illegal in South Korea.

Their full statement:

“This is Se7en’s agency ELEVEN9 Entertainment. We are issuing an official response to the baseless and malicious slander that continues to follow our artist. All the speculation on various portal sites and community forums about Se7en engaging in solicitation is false.

“Even though he received an acquittal from the Ministry of National Defense after an accurate investigation of the evidence, this slander and abuse against our artist has continued, and he has suffered as a result for the past few years.

“He is a person, not just a singer known to the public. From now on, we will be taking strong legal action against everyone who circulates false and malicious rumors about him. Once again, we state that Se7en was not convicted of this crime and it has nothing to do with him. We will work harder in future to build a good public image for him.

“Thank you to all who support and love Se7en.”

Se7en was involved in a controversy during his mandatory military service when it was alleged that he and other celebrity soldiers visited a massage parlor known for offering prostitution services. The controversy sparked a widespread backlash against the perceived special treatment of celebrities in the army.

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