Ji Jin Hee In Talks To Join Exploration Variety Show Led By PD Yoo Ho Jin

Actor Ji Jin Hee may be taking part in an exploration variety show that is being led by Yoo Ho Jin!

Producing director (PD) Yoo Ho Jin became well known when he was a rookie PD on the show “2 Days & Night” after first joining KBS. He directed the show until June of 2016, and has also been the head of several other television shows.

On March 26, it was confirmed that Yoo Ho Jin is preparing to launch a new variety show. The show will include people directly experiencing the greatness of nature.

Yoo Ho Jin has explained that while exact details for the show haven’t yet been decided, it seems that Ji Jin Hee will be taking part. He said, “Although it’s not yet confirmed, I think that Jin Jin Hee will appear. While preparing the variety show, we met and I explained my plans and intention, and it seemed like he liked it. I think he made a decision.”

When asked about possible comparisons with the show “Law of the Jungle,” since the show will also deal with the exploration of nature, Yoo Ho Jin clarified, “It will be different from ‘Law of the Jungle.'”

The title and schedule for the show has not been determined yet, but it is reportedly aiming for a premiere in May.

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Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews