Wanna One Spills Each Other’s Secrets In Fun Interview Game

Wanna One appeared in the latest episode of “Section TV,” where they were taken for a spontaneous interview!

In the March 26 episode of the MBC entertainment news show, the hosts invited Wanna One on to a tour bus and then handed out eye masks, telling them to put them on because they’d be taken to a secret location.

“When people are kidnapped like this, it usually means they’re going to the airport!” said Hwang Min Hyun, and the guys listed places they hoped to go like Hawaii, the Han River, and Busan.

However, they ended up in the MBC studios to film a “lying-down” interview, with the intention of allowing them to rest during the show. The “Produce 101 Season 2”-like twist to the interview was that there weren’t enough beds for everyone, and they could take someone else’s place in a bed by doing tasks.

When the hosts mentioned that telling a secret about another member would mean they could take a bed, Ong Seong Woo was eager to share one.

“I have a secret,” he said, before looking back at Kim Jae Hwan and clearing his throat. “When Kim Jae Hwan sleeps…”

His hesitation led to chaos as everyone anticipated the rest of the sentence, and Kim Jae Hwan leapt up to tell him he could just take his spot.

“It’s not something weird!” Ong Seong Woo promised him. “Kim Jae Hwan talks in his sleep. I once slept in his room, and while he was sleeping he started talking. I asked him what he said and he just mumbled.”

“I don’t remember this at all!” said Kim Jae Hwan.

After Ong Seong Woo earned Kang Daniel‘s top spot with that secret, Ha Sung Woon raised his hand to share his own secret about his roommate, Hwang Min Hyun.

Ha Sung Woon shared that when they don’t have anything planned until later in the day, Hwang Min Hyun will still set his alarm in the morning. “He wants to get that feeling of ‘I can still sleep more,'” explained Ha Sung Woon. Hwang Min Hyun confirmed this, explaining that it feels great to know he can sleep more on a day off.

Although the hosts and other members weren’t very shocked by this secret, Ha Sung Woon still got to take one of the beds.

Kim Jae Hwan then shared his own secret about Bae Jin Young. “Jin Young has a really small face, you know,” he said. “But there’s a hidden secret. He does a lot of shading.” This had all the members cracking up, and Bae Jin Young covered his face before looking back at Kim Jae Hwan. The guys then kept teasing Bae Jin Young by saying he even does the shading himself.

Wanna One’s lying-down interview will continue in the next episode of “Section TV”!

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