MONSTA X Members Share How They Gave Their Parents Gifts With Their First Payment

MONSTA X is a group full of sweethearts!

The group recently sat down for an interview with news outlet OSEN in honor of their most recent comeback.

During the interview, the members were asked what they did with the first payment they received as idols.

Kihyun revealed, “After I received my payment, I was eating at a restaurant with my parents when during the meal, I went to withdraw the money as cash and put it in a bag. I didn’t tell my mother and father at first. When they were almost done eating, I opened the bag and gave it to them. They were really surprised.” He added that he first believed they didn’t like it as much as he thought they would because of their reactions. “When I asked them, they said that they felt strange being given the money that their son had worked hard to earn,” Kihyun explained.

“Cash is the best, but you know how France has many famous luxury brands?” Minhyuk shared. “Since it was my first [payment], I gifted my mother a reasonably priced bag that was at least mid-tier from the most famous brand. I haven’t given my father anything yet, but he wants a watch so I’ve been looking into it.” He laughed while commenting, “I thought she wouldn’t accept it but she did.”

Jooheon revealed he also purchased a bag for his mother, saying, “She was really happy when she received it.” However, he continued, “I thought I did well, but she called me saying that she really liked the bag, but asked if she could exchange it for a padded jacket.”

Like the rest of his members, Wonho explained that he had given all of his first payment to his mother. “For the other payments after that, we’ve been splitting it half and half,” he stated. “I’ve also set up a home gym.” Kihyun chimed in, “Half of the living room is a fitness center.”

Meanwhile, MONSTA X will be promoting their latest title track, “Jealousy.” Check out the music video here!

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