4 Things We Loved And 2 Things We Hated About Episodes 9-12 Of “Tempted”

For this past week’s episodes of “Tempted,” we were able to see the relationship between Kwon Shi Hyun and Eun Tae Hee become even more complicated and complex. With the lies and deceit on the part of Shi Hyun and his friends, it’s become really hard to see whose feelings are actually genuine. Here’s a a look at four things we loved and two things we hated about episodes 9-12 of “Tempted.”

Hated: How easily Tae Hee forgives Shi Hyun

Tae Hee knows that Shi Hyun is bad news and that his feelings for her are possibly not as genuine as she thinks. But she still continues to accept Shi Hyun’s advances and is quick to cave at his sweet talk, and it’s getting annoying. I wish Tae Hee’s character was a bit more emotionally stronger.

This is shortly after Tae Hee left the house because she was upset at how poorly Shi Hyun was treating her.

Hated: Shi Hyun’s hot and cold mannerisms towards Tae Hee

Ok, we get that Shi Hyun has baggage and that it’s difficult for him to open up to people around him, but the way he acts hot and cold to Tae Hee annoys me. One second he’s piggy backing her and the next second he’s giving her the cold shoulder. I understand that it’s an act in front of Soo Ji, but it’s still aggravating how he’s confusing Tae Hee in the process.

Not impressed.

Loved: How in love Se Joo is with Soo Ji

One of the highlights of the series thus far is hands down Se Joo’s comedic personality as well as how in love he is with Soo Ji. It’s endearing to see Se Joo acting all goofy one second to acting like a lovesick puppy the next whenever he talks to Soo Ji. I’ve been a bit more intrigued by this friendship and one-sided love than the main OTP in the more recent episodes and I think a lot of the reason is because of Moon Ga Young and Kim Min Jae. Their acting and chemistry together on screen is so entertaining!

Loved: The hot and steamy pool scene

The tension that grows in this particular scene between the two characters is seriously hot and steamy. It’s the most chemistry they had throughout the series so far. Can’t you just feel the tension?

Loved: Soo Ji’s smouldering character

I can’t help but love Soo Ji (Moon Ga Young) more and more as the drama progresses. Her character has a lot of depth and although she’s manipulative, her story is very intriguing. Her presence on screen has been very strong and there’s no doubt that there’s chemistry between her and Shi Hyun as well as with Se Joo. I’m really looking forward to see how her character develops even more in the coming weeks!

Loved: Shi Hyun visiting the grandma and her friends

It’s so endearing to see Shi Hyun visiting the grandmother who is so fond of him right after he receives a call from her. Seeing him in the midst of all the seniors and accepting their adoration is too cute and it almost makes us forget about his bad boy ways.

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