Ratings Rise For “Same Bed Different Dreams 2” With Chu Ja Hyun And Yu Xiaoguang’s Final Episode

SBS’s “Same Bed Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny” experienced a rise in ratings as they said goodbye to Chu Ja Hyun and Yu Xiaoguang.

According to Nielsen Korea, the episode that aired on March 26 recorded nationwide ratings of 9.3 percent and 10.1 percent for its two parts. This was 2.2 percent higher than the ratings of the previous episode, and was the first time the drama surpassed 10 percent ratings since February 12.

The episode was dedicated to Chu Ja Hyun and Yu Xiaoguang as it was their last appearance on the show. The couple had announced earlier that they would be leaving to focus on prenatal care ahead of their first child’s birth. The episode followed them as they headed to the beach and Chu Ja Hyun shed tears when Yu Xiaoguang said, “I will love you forever. I will protect you forever.” The couple then looked back on the past eight months on the show and talked about how much they had learned about themselves and how sad they were to be leaving.

Real-time ratings peaked at 12.3 percent during the episode when the couple was later sharing sweet words of affection with each other. Yu Xiaoguang said, “Some people might say I look foolish, but as long as my wife and our viewers are enjoying what I do, it doesn’t matter,” and “Even if we were to be reborn, let’s get married again, I will love you forever.” Chu Ja Hyun tearfully replied, “Our baby is so lucky to have a father like you.”

Yu Xiaoguang also marked the couple’s departure by appearing in the “Same Bed Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny” studio for the first time. He thanked everyone for all the memories and opportunities he’s experienced through the show. Finally, when asked what Chu Ja Hyun means to him, Yu Xiaoguang proudly replied in Korea, “You are my destiny.” She responded with, “You are also my destiny. You’re the only one I want as my destiny.”

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