Watch: “Tempted” Cast Members Are Adorably Playful While Trying To Film A Romantic Scene

The cast members of “Tempted” are as close as ever!

In a new behind-the-scenes clip from MBC, Woo Do Hwan and Red Velvet’s Joy are discussing the scene where he feeds her while they’re at a vacation house from the March 26 broadcast.

Woo Do Hwan suggests he feed her a taste of the seasoning for green onions, only for Joy to adamantly express her displeasure as she does not like the smell. Surprised, he playfully grumbles, “I never even imagined you would react this way. I’m giving to give you the most delicious thing here. Then do you want to eat the raw beef? Lamb? What is this?”

As they continue to rehearse the scene, Woo Do Hwan continues to tease Joy and her hatred of seasoned green onions, even jokingly offering her a piece of raw meat instead. Moon Ga Young and Kim Min Jae also enter the scene. While their appearance was much more tense during the actual broadcast, Woo Do Hwan and Joy excitedly welcome them during rehearsal.

When they begin filming, Woo Do Hwan couldn’t help but seize the opportunity to give Joy an actual taste of the seasoning instead of faking it. As soon as the director yells cut, she chases after him in revenge.

Check out the adorable clip below!

“Tempted” airs every Monday-Tuesday evening. Watch the latest episode:

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