MOMOLAND’s JooE Shares Who Noticeably Changed After Her Debut

MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo, JooE, and Nancy and NCT’s Doyoung, Jaehyun, and Mark recently made an appearance on the March 26 broadcast of KBS2’s “Hello Counselor.”

“Hello Counselor” is a program that invites ordinary people to come share their concerns to a wider audience. A regular panel of hosts as well as guest celebrities will also comment, share their own experiences, and give advice.

During the March 26 broadcast, a 29-year-old woman expressed her concerns about her overly-protective older brother. She explained how he tries to control her life, and that some of his actions have caused her friends and coworkers to misunderstand and think he was her boyfriend.

When the MC asked how JooE would feel if her older brother acted this way, she commented, “I would find it creepy.” She added she did feel a little envious however, because her own brother doesn’t like to say her name affectionately out loud.

The MOMOLAND member shared, “Originally, my older brother treated me like a little brother. After I debuted, he changed. Nowadays, he treats me like a celebrity.” JooE added, “When he was in the army, he asked me during a phone call to try and get TWICE’s signatures for him.”

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