Yang Hyun Suk Shares Update On Comeback Plans For Seungri, Lee Hi, And SECHSKIES

Following his update on BLACKPINK’s comeback, Yang Hyun Suk has responded to fans’ questions about other artists!

With the caption, “Simple answers,” he shared his replies to comments left by fans.

To a fan asking about Seungri’s comeback, he responded, “It is being aimed for the first half of the year.”

On Lee Hi’s comeback, he shared, “Recording has officially begun.”

He revealed regarding SECHSKIES’s comeback, “I instructed all the producers two months ago to complete track production by the end of this month.”

In addition, a fan of iKON expressed concern regarding the direction of their reality show “iKON TV,” asking him to reassess. In response, Yang Hyun Suk assured, “Yes. Don’t worry. I understand well how KONICs feel.”