TVXQ has nothing but love for BTS, SEVENTEEN, and The Boyz!

On March 28, TVXQ held a comeback showcase for their eighth studio album “New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love.”

Among groups that are not in SM Entertainment, TVXQ was asked if there are currently any juniors that catch their eye. Changmin responded, “To be honest, BTS is the first group that comes to mind. They really catch my eye because they’re so good.”

Yunho commented, “There are many juniors we have our eyes on. It’s hard to choose, but I really like BTS’s energy and the way they take over the stage. They have authenticity. SEVENTEEN has lots of potential, too.”

“I personally feel grateful towards The Boyz. The members cried when they saw us. They said they really missed us,” Yunho added.

Watch TVXQ’s music video for “The Chance of Love” here!

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