Defconn And Jung Hyung Don Thank Idols And Fans As They Say Goodbye To “Weekly Idol”

Defconn and Jung Hyung Don have bid farewell to MBC every1’s “Weekly Idol” after hosting the popular show for six years and eight months.

On the March 28 episode, MONSTA X appeared as the last guest of this long-running season. The idols promoted their sixth mini album “The Connect” and impressed the MCs with their powerful performance of their title track “Jealousy.”

The members also displayed their unique talents. I.M touched his nose and elbow with his tongue, Jooheon played the “bellybutton game” with Jung Hyung Don, and bowled. They also came up with creative dances to the “Shark Song” and made the MCs laugh.

Jooheon commented, “I MCed with them a while ago. I was thankful that you took good care of me. I think it’s an honor to be with you at the end like this.”

Jung Hyung Don said, “Thank you for loving us until now. We will be Doni Coni that works harder in the future.” Defconn added, “Thank you for being with ‘Weekly Idol’ for a long time. More than anything, we were able to continue this program thanks to the fans, idols, and their love that was like a recipe for our popularity. I won’t think of this as a goodbye and will end it beautifully. I sincerely thank you for loving us and will see you again with better things.”

Defconn then uploaded a video of his last day of filming on his YouTube channel. He gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the set, staff members, and his interactions with MONSTA X and NCT. At the end, the MCs shared their final thoughts on leaving the show while holding flowers that were sent to them by fans.

The two MCs reminisced about filming their first episode back on July 23, 2011, which initially began as a six-week summer vacation special that turned into a regular programming.

Jung Hyung Don said, “The fact that a six-week program could run for six years and eight months is because of the fans who love their idols, and K-pop stars who travel the world but come here in a heartbeat to honor our show with their presence. That is how we were able to do it for six years and eight months.”

Defconn stated, “The idols and fans kept the show alive. The staff worked really hard with the mindset of loving the idols. For instance, the captions on the show became a hot topic. I’m sad that I’m saying goodbye to the skilled staff.”

Jung Hyung Don joked, “We couldn’t get past the seven-year jinx. All famous idols go through this.” Defconn added, “But I want to say that we will get over this slump and will get back up.”

Jung Hyung Don concluded, “Thank you for continuing to support Doni Coni even though we’re lacking. We teased the idols, but you had fun and enjoyed it, so I want to thank you again.” With that, the MCs waved and shouted goodbye to their beloved third floor basement studio.

“Weekly Idol” will reorganize and return for a second season with its new MCs Lee Sang Min, Yoo Se Yoon, and Kim Shin Young later this year.

Watch Defconn’s video below!

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