Son Ye Jin And Jung Hae In Talk About First Impressions Of Each Other And Hopes For Their Drama

Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In talked about their upcoming JTBC drama “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” (literal title).

On March 28, the leads introduced their drama to viewers in an interview on Naver’s V Live.

Jung Hae In began, “It’s a story about a woman and a man who knew each other for a long time. To this man, love isn’t a special occasion, but a feeling that slowly grows. It’s my first time being a lead in a drama, so it feels like a dream.”

Son Ye Jin added, “There are steps in dating. The nervousness before confessing, the exhilarating joy after confirming each other’s feelings, the short moment of falling in love, the obstacles that appear as time passes… Our drama is the same way. It has the entire, difficult process of preserving love. I think you’ll relate to it because it’s realistic.”

She continued, “Jung Hae In is an actor who I can empathize with just by looking at him. Our drama has no rehearsals. One shoot, one cut.”

The actress then talked about a scene where she appears drunk. She admitted, “I usually get drunk after a can of beer. I acted while I was actually drunk. Right before filming, I drank a can of beer through a straw. Even if my liver suffers, I wanted it to look real.”

Jung Hae In spoke about his first impression of his co-star. He revealed, “She was a goddess. I was so nervous that it was difficult to look at her for a long time.” Son Ye Jin also shared her first impression of him and said, “I thought he looked a lot better in real life. His skin is really nice too.”

She described her character Yoon Jin Ah as “unpredictable and bright” while Jung Hae In described his character Seo Jun Hee as “confident and young.”

Son Ye Jin also mentioned her hobbies. She revealed, “I like amusement park rides and have lots of wild hobbies. I also went skydiving. I really like roller coasters.” The actress then described Jung Hae In’s body as “hard as a rock” and viewers commented that his “face is romance while his body is action.”

She continued, “I don’t like cheesy things, although I like romance.” Jung Hae In then brought up that there’s a scene where he says, “I miss you so much I might die,” but Son Ye Jin responds, “Not me.”

The actors concluded, “Viewership ratings are not important. A long-lasting drama is important. We hope it’s a drama that isn’t awkward even in 10 or 20 years.” Jung Hae In added, “My birthday is April Fool’s Day. As my present, I want to receive viewership ratings.”

“Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” will premiere on March 30 at 10:45 p.m. KST.

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