Park Bo Gum And SF9 Are Full Of Praise For Each Other After Meeting In Chile

Actor Park Bo Gum and members of the boy group SF9 ran into each other while they were both in Chile for a “Music Bank” special!

On March 28, SF9’s official Twitter shared photos of members Youngbin, Jaeyoon, and Zuho meeting Park Bo Gum at a winery in Chile. They wrote in the caption, “Taking photos with Park Bo Gum! He’s such a gentleman and always considerate, we’re so grateful and it was an honor!”

They added in the hashtags, “Chile” and “winery,” as well as wrote, “All the good things said about Park Bo Gum seem to have been oversimplified… he’s beyond description.”

Park Bo Gum then shared their tweet and wrote, “I was glad to have met SF9. I was also grateful! I’ll support you and hope you will continue to surprise the world with your cool performances.”

SF9 is an FNC Entertainment group that debuted in 2016 and is promoting their latest song “Mamma Mia.” Park Bo Gum has recently been on television in the reality show “Hyori’s Homestay 2,” and will be holding fan meetings this weekend in Korea.