Song Ji Hyo Expresses Her Sadness About Finale Of “Infinite Challenge” Season And Sympathizes With The Cast

Song Ji Hyo shared her honest thoughts about how the current “Infinite Challenge” cast is saying their goodbyes soon, with the season coming to an end.

Like many of the cast members of “Infinite Challenge,” Song Ji Hyo has also been a member of a long-running variety show for several years, since she’s been with “Running Man” since its premiere in 2010. She is also good friends with Yoo Jae Suk and Haha, who are in the casts of both shows.

During a recent press conference for her new film “Wind Wind Wind” (literal translation), Song Ji Hyo was asked about the approaching finale of this season of “Infinite Challenge.”

“The news that ‘Infinite Challenge’ is ending really surprised both me and the people around me,” she said. “It really made me sad, so I wondered how they must feel themselves.”

“There are people that you’ve been doing a show together with for ten years, and the show ending means that the reason to get together with them next week disappears,” she said. “You can meet up with them as old friends to eat and talk together, but there’s a special feeling that only arises when you’re filming.”

“I think it must feel so empty,” she said. “As much as everyone is sad, they must be very upset. I hope they will keep their spirits up.”

Song Ji Hyo also talked about how much “Running Man” means to her. “I’ve never done something continuously for close to ten years before,” she said. “I’ve already been doing ‘Running Man’ for almost 10 years. I don’t think I’ll ever have the chance in the future to do a single thing for as long a time as I have with ‘Running Man.’ That’s why right now is even more precious to me.”

The current season of “Infinite Challenge” will end on March 31.

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