Hoya Explains Why He Cried While Recording Fan Song

Hoya shared the sad story behind his fan song.

On March 28, Hoya held a showcase for his first solo mini album “Shower.” He explained that one of the songs on the new release is a fan song titled “Dot” in Korean.

“Last year, there were about three months where I did no promotions,” he said. “I didn’t do anything like appearing on television or doing events. For the first time since my debut, I wasn’t able to even post anything on social media.”

“Even when I didn’t have anything in my schedule before, people would share stories a couple times a week about seeing me out somewhere, but during that time there wasn’t even anything like that,” he said, explaining that he’d stayed at home most of the time.

“The fans must have been worried because they sent so many messages saying things like, ‘If you’re alive, please just type a dot and upload that,'” he continued.

“I can laugh while talking about it now, but back then the word ‘Dot’ was so sad,” said Hoya. “So I wrote the things I wanted to say to the fans in a fan song called ‘Dot.'” He explained that he completed the lyrics to the songs in only 10 minutes.

“I don’t usually cry much, but I cried when I was recording the song,” he said. “It’s that sad of a song.”

Hoya’s mini album features the title track “All Eyes on Me.” This new release is his first since he departed from INFINITE and Woollim Entertainment last year.

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