Remembering 100%'s Minwoo: Sweet Moments From His Life As A Precious Leader

March 25 marked the day a humble artist became a star in the sky. Minwoo may not be with us today, but he will remain in our memories as a perfect member and leader of 100%. He debuted at a later age compared to his fellow members, but he always gave his all and worked even harder for his group.

Here are some of the most beautiful moments from Minwoo’s life.

When he first showed potential as a rookie

Prior to their debut in 2012, the members of 100% starred in a variety show called “Teen Top’s Rising 100%” with their fellow labelmates Teen Top. In one of the episodes, Minwoo danced to Ne-Yo’s “Mad,” expressing the lyrics with some beautiful choreography.

When he cooked for 100% and Teen Top

Minwoo pretty much proved he was boyfriend material when he made spicy chicken stew for his fellow 100% members and Teen Top. As cooking was his hobby, Minwoo often demonstrated love to people by cooking them delicious meals. Teen Top’s Niel appreciated Minwoo so much that he promised to sing a duet with him in the future.

When he even cooked for his cat

Minwoo was known to be in love with his cat Simba. He even cooked homemade food for Simba, treating his lovely pet like his own child. We all need to find someone who looks at us the way Minwoo looks at Simba.

When he absolutely adored his fans

Minwoo didn’t just love his cat and fellow members; he treasured his fans, too! During a recording for “Idol Star Athletics Championships,” Minwoo provided some sweet fan service by dancing to 100%’s “Only U.”

During fan signing events, Minwoo always expressed his gratitude to fans by giving 100 percent of his attention and interacting with them as if they were his siblings.

When he was genuinely happy to get a mirror for his birthday

On Minwoo’s 33rd birthday two months ago, his fellow members gave him a mirror, and he was genuinely delighted with his gift. How precious is that?

When he couldn’t stop kissing his members on the cheek

Minwoo was definitely not shy about skinship. He often kissed his members on the cheek, catching them by surprise every single time.

Minwoo was more than just an idol – he was a loving leader, an affectionate animal lover, a selfless friend, and a respected role model. He will surely be missed.

Rest in peace, Minwoo.

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