Girl’s Day’s Yura Talks About Criticism On Her Acting In “Radio Romance” And Low Viewership Ratings

Girl’s Day’s Yura took another step in her acting career with the recently concluded KBS drama “Radio Romance.” In a recent interview, she discussed criticism of her acting, the drama’s low viewership ratings, and acting as an idol.

In the drama, Yura played the role of the villain Jin Tae Ri, an actress who peaked when she promoted as a child actress. She explained, “It’s true that I was lacking a lot. However, in a way, comfortable dialogues are the ones that appear most stable. But Jin Tae Ri as a character wasn’t a character like that. It was a role where I couldn’t speak loosely but had to really hit my words. It was hard on my throat.”

She commented that every viewer had different reactions to her acting and that the criticism was understandable. She stated, “I just have to work harder to match all of their tastes.”

Yura also talked about the drama’s low viewership ratings. “Radio Romance” aired after “Witch’s Court” and “Jugglers,” both of which achieved first place in the time slot. However, “Radio Romance” achieved 5.5 percent viewership ratings with its first episode and the ratings continued to decline afterwards, concluding with 2.6 percent.

Yura shared, “If you add on-demand streaming from cell phones or the Internet as well as re-runs, I think it would come out to over 10 percent.” She laughed and continued, “It’s true that the ratings were low, but I didn’t think too much of it. The atmosphere between the cast and the production staff was really good until the end. Even at the after-party following the end of the drama’s broadcast, the mood was great and the actors chatted with each other a lot. [Yoon] Doojoon told us not to ever leave our group chat even when the drama ends.”

The Girl’s Day member also talked about being active as an idol actress in the industry. She explained, “People are definitely harder on idols who act, but I think it’s something that can’t be helped.” Yura compared idol actors and actors by explaining, “The public sees idols in a friendly way, like your next door neighbor. But when they suddenly come out in dramas or films as a different character, it may look awkward. Since actors don’t have as much exposure as idols, I think people are able to immerse in their characters a little more.”

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