Samuel Talks About Taking On A More Mature Concept For His Comeback

Samuel recently made a charismatic return with his second mini album, which includes the title track “One.”

During his comeback showcase, he talked about his approach to a new concept for his comeback.

He first shared his thoughts on his comeback in four months since the release of his first album “Eye Candy.” Samuel commented, “It feels great. It’s an honor to make a comeback with another mini album. I’ve prepared a style to show off my masculine charm.”

Samuel then talked about how he worked hard to show off a more masculine side to himself. He shared, “There are a lot of people who worked hard to prepare this album. Practicing was also difficult, as in my previous album there were a lot of cute sides, but this time I had to show strong masculinity. It was difficult to pay attention to that and to create this performance. I put in effort especially in showing off a sexy gaze.”

The singer also talked about how the head of his agency Brave Brothers put his all into producing songs for him and that the producer had emphasized, “Show them that you’ve become a man.” Though Samuel has just graduated middle school and entered high school, he showed that he wasn’t limited by his age by saying, “I think it’s a bit late to do masculine things when I turn 20 years old. I wanted to show something unexpected, and so I ended up showing it that much faster. I thought over a lot whether I would be able to show a strong side since I’m only 17 years old and also shy. But through ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ and my long trainee life, I got used to the camera. As a result, I’m confident in my gaze and other expressions towards the camera.”

Samuel also talked about working with BTOB’s Ilhoon, who featured in his title track. He commented, “It was an honor to work with him. I met him for the first time for recordings. His voice was very charming. It didn’t feel like we were listening to a recording but rather an album that had already been released. He even told me he had been watching me since my 1PUNCH days, so I was thankful.”

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