BIGBANG’s Seungri Explains How He Introduces Korean Food To International Friends

BIGBANG’s Seungri guested on the March 28 episode of tvN’s “Wednesday Food Talk,” where he talked about how he introduced Korean food to his international friends.

Seungri first expressed his pride for all things Korean. He commented, “I have pride as a Korean man. If someone says Korea’s not fun, my eyes get fired up. I ask, ‘Who said that?” and tell them to come find me.” He then talked about the specific strategy he has. “First, I show Korea’s high-quality side. I buy them elegant and expensive Korean food. Then I show them the local food.”

He also shared tips on how to eat certain foods in the best way. During the octopus episode, he explained that the tastiest way to eat octopus is to grill it and eat it as a wrap with soybean paste and garlic. He then joked, “I feel a sense of kinship with the octupus. It’s got a big head so it’s similar to me.”

He further added, “I actually have a pretty packed presence in BIGBANG. It’s the type of presence where you think the group can exist without me, but if I’m not there, it feels empty.”

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