24K Magic: 6 Great Reasons To Stan 24K

24K has been around in the K-pop industry since 2012, and if you still haven’t found a reason to get to know them, it’s high time to listen to their music and learn a few interesting things about the boys.

Let’s get to know the six currently promoting members and their amazing music better!

Their incredible talent

The 24K members have proved many times just how talented and skillful they are. Leader Cory has been producing the songs for the group’s comebacks, and if you’ve heard any of their latest releases, you know just how catchy these tracks are. 24K’s main rapper Jeonguk is also working on his own music; you can listen to his mixtape song “Domino” to get a taste of his unique flow.

Vocalist Kisu is active as a solo artist — his first album was released in December and his self-composed title track “Sweet Lie” is definitely worth a listen!

The younger members of the groups are real dancing machines; both Changsun and Hongseob are magnificent dancers! You can watch Changsun and vocalist Jinhong on “MIXNINE,” too!

Their power to survive

The 24K members are not the type to give up easily, that’s for sure. From the original 2012 line-up, only Cory and Kisu stayed with the group, with Jeonguk replacing former member Seokjune in 2013. In 2014, the group introduced two new members, Jinhong and Hui, while Byungho left the group. For their 2016 comeback, member Sungoh and former member Daeil announced their hiatus from the group, and 24K added two new members, Changsun and Hongseob. In July 2017, Chinese member Hui left the group, and it was also confirmed that Daeil was no longer a member of 24K. As for now, six members — Cory, Kisu, Jeonguk, Changsun, Jinhong and Hongseob — are promoting as 24K, while Sungoh’s future will be discussed once he completes his military service.

It’s never easy to go through line-up changes, but the 24K members worked really hard to keep team spirits high and get through every hardship together. They not only survived these hard times, but they also managed to release high-quality music and give concerts all over the world — they had gigs in the U.S., in Brazil, and in many European countries, as well.

They even wrote a song about their abilities to survive — no matter what, they really are made of 24K gold!

Their energetic choreos

With real dance machines in the group, 24K has their fair share of mindblowingly creative and energetic choreographies. The moves in “Hey You” are truly magical!

Their true party anthems

If there’s one thing to love about 24K’s music style, it’s definitely their ability to create the greatest party anthems ever. The minute you put their 2016 comeback song “Bingo” on, no one is going to stop you from dancing and singing your soul out!

Their dorky personalities

The 24K members are real rays of sunshine, and they will put on smile on your face no matter what. They often upload videos on their YouTube channel and are active on their V Live account as well. Just look at them being the biggest fanboys of themselves! They are the perfect representation of every K-pop fan out there.

Their connection with their fans

24U is a very spoiled fandom! The members are active on many social media platforms and they often communicate with fans there. Cory’s perfect English allows him to better communicate with international fans, and the group has showed many times just how much they love their fans all over the world.

Take this cute video as an example! 24K visited Poland during their tour and fans decided to do a surprise flashmob to welcome the boys. The members watched the fans with happy smiles on their faces — and they even joined the flashmob and danced together with 24Us.

24K is a group full of talented, hard-working and adorable members and if you haven’t checked them out yet it’s time to give them a chance and listen to their music!

When she’s not studying or working, fanniberger spends her time obsessing over K-pop groups, binge watching dramas and variety shows and drinking way too much bubble tea. She was lucky enough to see 24K live twice and she misses them so much. Say hi to her on Twitter and Instagram!

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