Wanna One Talks About Their Parents’ Reactions When They Gave Them Their First Payments

Wanna One’s Kang Daniel, Bae Jin Young, Kim Jae Hwan, and Hwang Min Hyun guested on the March 29 episode of KBS’s “Happy Together.”

During the show, the guys talked about how their parents reacted when they gave them their payments. Kang Daniel and Ong Seong Woo also previously shared how they had given their earnings to their families.

On “Happy Together,” the other guests and hosts first congratulated the members on getting their first payment. Ji Suk Jin then asked them what they did with their money. Hwang Min Hyun shared that he had given all of it to his parents, and that they had been very pleased.

Kim Jae Hwan answered, “My parents don’t normally laugh a lot but they smiled, and it seemed like they were more carefree.” Bae Jin Young also mentioned that he had given his payment to his parents, and shyly admitted, “I told my mother to use it to buy a gold necklace.” Kang Daniel shared, “I manage my own money. But I give my mom a large allowance.”

Yoo Jae Suk teased, “Jae Hwan and Min Hyun, you guys seemed sort of shocked when Kang Daniel said he managed his own money, as if you guys felt you should too.” Kim Yong Man then asked the members if they would continue to send their parents money. The members hilariously stayed silent and seemed to be thinking hard about the question, making the hosts laugh.

The hosts then asked industry seniors Highlight’s Lee Gikwang and Yang Yoseob to give the Wanna One members advice about how to manage their money. Lee Gikwang answered, “My mother still manages my money. Because I want to focus on my activities, it’s better for my mother to be in charge of payments.” Yang Yoseob also shared that his parents managed his money, and joked, “That’s why I think Kang Daniel is amazing.”

Kang Daniel then explained that the reason behind his personal money management was because of his father’s business. He shared, “When I was young, my father’s business failed. It’s also good for me to know, since in the future I’ll have my own family so I think it’ll be helpful.”

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