Watch: EXID’s Hani Parodies A Scene From “Because This Is My First Life”

EXID’s Hani recently parodied a scene from “Because This Is My First Life” for tvN’s “M2 Theater.” The video is edited to includes Lee Min Ki’s lines from the drama as well as Hani’s acting.

In the parody, Lee Min Ki asks Hani where she’s been, to which she answers Sinsa-dong. Lee Min Ki mishears this as Insadong, and becomes furious. He asks her, “How could you be so close, but not come by even once?” He then sweetly but still angrily confesses, “Do you know how much I’ve missed you? Do you know how hard it was?” Hani bashfully smiles and explains that it wasn’t Insadong, but Sinsa-dong. She then emotionally apologizes, that it was the latter rather than the former.

Watch the full clip below!

Watch the first episode of “Because This Is My First Life” below!

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