Hyoyeon Comments On Girls’ Generation’s Plans For Future Group Promotions

On the March 29 broadcast of tvN’s “Where Is Mr. Kim 2,” Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon addressed the group’s future promotions together.

“Where is Mr. Kim 2” is a variety program that gives unknown actors a chance to shine, as cast members must find the actor(s) among non-celebrities in various situations. During this week’s broadcast, the cast members were tasked with finding two actors in a group of actual reporters from a press agency.

After observing how they acted in the office, the reporters — both real and acting — were given a chance to ask the cast members questions as if they were conducting a real press interview. One of these reporters directed a question to Hyoyeon, saying, “What are Girls’ Generation’s plans for activities?”

Hyoyeon carefully responded, “I’ve already given my definite answer that [we said], ‘Let’s assemble together whenever we want to assemble together.’ Right now, I am supporting their individual activities. When it is our 11th, 12th, 13th anniversary, we are thinking of regrouping and promoting together.”

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