iKON Manages To Sell Out YG Food’s Bulgogi Sets On Home Shopping Network

iKON has proven their versatility by demonstrating an unexpected talent for sales!

On March 29, all seven members of the group appeared live on the Lotte Home Shopping channel for their upcoming reality show “iKON TV.” The idols are currently taking on various part-time jobs for the program, including a brief stint as home shopping models for YG Food’s Three-Way Butcher spicy pork and beef bulgogi sets.

During their appearance on the home shopping network, iKON personally attested to the deliciousness of the bulgogi sets and made viewers’ mouths water by appearing to forget about the broadcast entirely as they eagerly tasted the cooked food.

Chanwoo showed off his sales chops as he persuasively told viewers, “I’m sure the mothers watching have sons like me. I think it’d be nice to prepare beef bulgogi for your sons who have returned home after working or studying hard.”

He then added jokingly, “My mother must be watching this home shopping network right now. I hope she buys at least one pack.”

Meanwhile, B.I sent a loving message to his younger sister. “Your older brother is cooking on a home shopping network right now,” he told her, promising, “I’ll earn lots of money and then come home to buy you delicious food.”

iKON ultimately managed to sell out all of the bulgogi sets and celebrated their success by running around the studio in a wild victory dance.

“iKON TV” will begin airing in mid-April.

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